Sell GEO151UA-0520 5V2A power supply

Sell GEO151UA-0520  5V2A power supply

Model No.︰GEO151UA-0520

Brand Name︰-

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 3.2 / pc

Minimum Order︰500 pc

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Product Description

12W Power Supply

Model : GEO151UA-XXXX


  • Market: USA,Canada,Japan,China,Mexico
  • Wall Mount Type
  • Meet CEC Regulations
  • ROHS Compliance
  • No Load Power Consumption Less than 0.3W


General Specifications

Maximum output power: 12W
Input voltage: 90~264Vac
Input Frequency: 47Hz~63Hz
Input Current: 0.36A
Efficiency:  Meet CEC
Ripple noise (max): +1% voltage Max
Line Regulation: ±1%
Load Regulation: ±5%
Hold-Up Time: 16mS
Over Voltage Protection: 120%
Operating Temperature: 0~40°C
Storage Temperature: -20~85°C
Storage Humidity: 5%RH~90%RH
Withstand voltage: AC 3KV
Burn-In Test: 100% Full Load
MTBF: 50000Hours
Weight: ABOUT 120g


LxWxH: 60.2x44x26.2 (mm)


GFP121U-0520;GEO151UA-0520;GEO151J-0520 [5V2A] 
GFP121U-0620;GEO151UA-0620;GEO151J-0620 [6V2A] 
GFP121U-0913;GEO151UA-0913;GEO151J-0913 [9V1.3A] 
GFP121U-1012;GEO151UA-1012;GEO151J-1012 [10V1.2A] 
GFP121U-1210;GEO151UA-1210;GEO151J-1210 [12V1A] 
GFP121U-1508;GEO151UA-1508;GEO151J-1508 [15V0.8A] 
GFP151U-0525;GFP151UA-0525;GFP151J-0525 [5V2.5A] 
GFP151U-0623;GEO151UA-0623;GEO151J-0623 [6V2.3A] 
GFP151U-0916;GEO151UA-0916;GEO151J-0916 [9V1.6A] 
GFP151U-1015;GEO151UA-1015;GEO151J-1015 [10V1.5A] 
GFP151U-1212;GEO151UA-1212;GEO151J-1212 [12V1.25A]

GFP151U-1510;GEO151UA-1510;GEO151J-1510 [15V1A]

GFP121C-0520;GEO151C-0520 [5V2A] 
GFP121C-0620;GEO151C-0620 [6V2A] 
GFP121C-0913;GEO151C-0913 [9V1.3A] 
GFP121C-1012;GEO151C-1012 [10V1.2A] 
GFP121C-1210;GEO151C-1210 [12V1A] 
GFP121C-1508;GEO151C-1508 [15V0.8A] 

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